by EnspireMe 5 months ago in inspirational

When it's time.


You are worried

The rains will never come

And bring their blessing

I look to you and say

It will be ok

Because I know it will

Though I am filled with

hope and torn with dismay

The brilliant blue sky

breaks into many shades of grey

The clouds roll over the hills,

You are smiling

As the rains come down

On the soil,

The seeds we planted

grow more than we imagined it to be

They paint a lush background,

Against the magnificent trees

You usher me towards you

And we rush into the fields

And reap a harvest,

A new day has come

Our time has come

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Eden is a poet who writes poems about life, loss, heartbreak and healing. Poetry became a huge part of the healing process. She has mastered this art for everyone to read. She brings the pain and struggles of life to light.

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