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Ready To Resign: A Country Song Kind of Love

Is it too much to ask for a man who will love me above any other? One who keeps his word. Only speaks vows he intends to uphold.

By Danielle Elizabeth AndrewsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Ready To Resign: A Country Song Kind of Love
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Is it too much to ask for that I’ll someday find a country song kind of love?

The kind that moves your soul,

Pierces your heart with longing for something so real?

So vibrant and so true?

Is it too much to ask for a man who will love me above any other?

One who keeps his word.

Only speaks vows he intends to uphold.

Who will love me as deeply as I love him?

Who believes in family, loyalty, and commitment?

Isn’t there one who will hold my hand, have my back, be my side

For the rest of life’s unpredictable ride?

Who will love me long after we’re old and gray?

Who won’t just promise, he’ll actually stay?

Who will still love me until his dying day?

Is this really such an impossible dream?

A seemingly endless quest?

To wish for a partner who will give me his best?

When did finding a genuine love, unconditional and pure become such an outrageous request?


I just wish that I could find him…

He’s a man who’ll call me Baby,

Yet he’ll respect and appreciate.

There’d be no need for words, he’d simply take my hand.

With one little look, we’d both understand.

Our love will soothe better than any remedy.

Hearts soaring. There’ll only be you and me.

We’d dance so slowly,

No rush. No demands.

I’d be his One. He’d be my Only.

A love that’s forever,

To have you, and to hold me.


People these days? They’re wild and they’re crazy.

They seek nights of fast lovin’

Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Plenty of Fish… none of that is for me.

No joy, no connection, their memories are all hazy.

Then they’re back to lonely.

They’re wild but they’re lazy.

Memories of their flings are all pretty hazy.

Living fast, discontent, all about their virtual content.

No one builds things meant to last,

Not in this Uber-manufactured society where everything has a quick expiry.

Isn’t there anyone out there who’s still wired like me?

Content with quiet nights at home,

Or adventures planned together,

Never any need to roam.

We’d be partners forever.

Trusting whether we’re together or alone.


I’d rather be home with a book in my hand rather than out looking for a man.

Why waste another evening trying to mingle?

These jokesters, fools, downright douchey tools,

Dude bros, and fiends all they do is pretend.

If they can’t even be real I’d prefer to stay single.

They’re either master game players, video or mind.

I just haven’t got the time.

If anybody’s listening and all hope isn’t lost

Please send me a clear sign!

Finding love shouldn’t be a complete coin toss.

I’m about ready to resign.

. . .

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