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Rainy Day Love Affair

by Heidi Shepherd 3 months ago in vintage / nature poetry / inspirational
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Comfort in the Elements

I don’t know the exact moment when we became kindreds

I often imagine it was as a seven-year-old on a rainy day

Staring out the window of a white pinto wagon

My wheat-colored locks hanging wild and loose

Down my shoulders and back.

Maybe it was on a cold, wet day

Walking to school or running home from it.

Maybe it was the day I jumped off the electrical box

Over a hundred times with my umbrella

In a windstorm.

The rain poured that day.

I can still feel it on my face

I can muster up that fierceness of a five-year-old

Determined, I just knew I could fly…

I think I floated…for a second.

Maybe your presence sheltered me

From a greater fate, I have no memory of.

No, I don't remember the day,

The moment, the reason

You became a great comfort to me

Only that you did.

For that, I will always glory in your downpour

I will always dance in the drops of your tears

My heart will beat as one

With your pounding on rooftops,

Garbage cans,

Bouncing off the ground.

I will forever recall

The wading home

In soaked pant legs

From running

And kicking through your roadside puddles.

The mud puddle boots of my boys

I taught them to love you too.

The whoosh of your waters;

my oldest dancing in healies,

Shirtless with reckless abandon

While the whole neighborhood watched.

Your undoing will always be my steady

Your tumultuous thrashing winds

Will always be my sweet reminder

That to be strong sometimes

We must be fierce.

In your raindrops,

I will draw near to the days

When my tears mixed with yours

And I knew

I was not alone.

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About the author

Heidi Shepherd

I believe in the importance of writing about one's true life experiences. I also find value in the fact that one can teach through fiction. I enjoy writing about topics that evoke emotion, imagination, and adventure. Enjoy!

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