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Rainbows Are Fruity

by Nicholas Rivera 2 years ago in art

Fruity Colors

Nick AKA Nickzter made this beautiful Fruity Picture Frame from Mrs. Chapman's Ceramic class back in High School.

Rainbows are so Colorful.

You can see them very beautiful.

Red,yellow,orange,green,blue,& purple.

Sometimes Blue and Purple make indigo.

Rainbows are Fruity.

Any Fruits,From an Apple to a Strawberry.

Colors are very important.

You can see the Rainbows from a distant.

Paint on anything Colorful.

Spring Colors are so Wonderful.

Rainbows are also God's promise.

The Colors that do exist.

Colors are the best things ever.

Rainbows will always be here,there,and everywhere forever.

Fruits are good for you.

Life without Colors is bad for you.

Tell everybody that Rainbows are the best things ever.

Colors comes together.

Prism makes Rainbows.

The best things in this world are Rainbows.

Rainbows form Water and Sunlight together.

Talking about Rainbows are very clever.

It doesn't matter what Color the Rainbows are.

Rainbows are the best by far.

Nicholas Rivera
Nicholas Rivera
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Nicholas Rivera

Hi,My name is Nicholas Rivera and I'm 35 years old from Jacksonville,Florida.My hometown is Miami,Florida.My birthday is February 5th,1985.I Graduated from High School on June 11,2003.I Love Rainbows and I'm very Creative with Great ideas.

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