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by Valentyna Holloway 2 years ago in love poems
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I sat and watched the rain.......

I sat and watched the rain

pulsing down as it fell

colliding with the glass

stopped by the invisible barrier

separating it and I

I sat and watched as the rain

rolled down the glass

and it reminded me of the way

I fell in love with you

Quietly, gently falling

helplessly descending

the entirety of each drop, like the entirety

of my whole soul losing myself into you


crashing down

like the rain

until it hit the glass

separating it from touching me

And I worry

that I will be just like that raindrop

and be lost

while you are preoccupied

with all the other drops of water

falling from the sky

that don’t hit that glass

and land against your skin

love poems

About the author

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna, wordsmith, poet, bearer of scribed love, flâneuse, and aesthete is the published author of several poetry collections including This Is A Love Song, Forbidden Love Songs, Coffee Laced Thoughts, and The Ripped Notebook Series.

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