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Rain's Reflection


By Katrina ThornleyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

A cool wind

Sprang through pines

Bringing with it the first

Sprinkle of a new day,

Knocking needles to earth

Blanketing the roots below

Saving the old,

While above

We prepared for the new

A day to revive

A morning to awake

Where the darkest moment

Was covered by events coming-

The wind changed

A spiral unheard of

Changing speed

Of droplets thrown

Pelting bark and roof,

Rocks and dirt path

Forgotten by nature

And left to devices

Only human.

The puddles pooled

Creating oceans between

As faces peered Awaiting the calm

But seeing only broken

Reflection in dirtied puddles

As thoughts muddled

Trying to decipher the beginning and end

To the problem at hand

But knowing the correction

Was out of way,

Awaiting the movement of the clouds.

Night brought with it

The reliability of the moon,

In a phase we expected

When counting days,

But questioned when distracted

By life’s torment-

And with it,

It provided light

A clearing,

A calm of the water

Revealing a silhouetted view

Of thoughts we understood

With the stopping

Of the rain.

Katrina Thornley is a nature poet and novelist that resides in Rhode Island. She has two poetry collections currently published, a novel, as well as a short story anthology. Her poetry collections "Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature" and "Arcadians: Wooden Mystics" were inspired by a local park and life in her small rural town. You can find them on Amazon now!

Also, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram (@seekatwrite).

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About the Creator

Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author and poet. You can find Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature and Arcadians: Wooden Mystics on Amazon now. Her debut novel Kings of Millburrow is now available!

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  • Jimmy Butler2 months ago

    That silhouetted view means so much to us, humans, as we are left to our devices. I only hope your writings are soon read by tens of thousands of humans.

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