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Rain of tears

by rosann ferrier about a month ago in sad poetry
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rain and heartache

Rain of tears
Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash

The rain drop slid slowly down the bark

Tree ingrained in rain strewn marks.

Leaves let off droplets that fall to the ground.

Making a pitter drip of sound.

Grass soaked verges uplifted with mud.

Bluebells shut tight, enhanced like a hug.

The shallow stream filling up with the rain,

makes me think of my love once again.

The stream filling up like an overcome emotion.

To spill over like some great big ocean.

The ebb and flow like all the seas tide,

My emotions I try but fail to hide.

You were not there to see my pain.

I will never see love quite the same.

The rain drop pitters to the ground,

like tears from my heart falling without a sound.

Silence abounds as sun shimmers through

The rain drops silenced, as the sun grew.

Sun rays beat down making me warm,

Happiness stirs like a busy bees swarm.

The sun strewn sky after the rain,

like love abounding after the pain.

The healing rays of light soar from up high

As my uplifted soul reaches to the sky.

The smell of wet grass below my feet,

At last ive accomplished a great feat.

My heart no longer en screwed in pain.,

like the suns rays upbeat again.

I walk on home- spirits high

The sun now bright up in the sky.

Never to be sad or full of pain,

My life will never be the same again-


sad poetry

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rosann ferrier

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