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Rabbit Lit

by Michael Butorovich about a month ago in slam poetry

A Lyrical Poem


"We're all a little mad in this motherfucker"

So said the Cheshire cat about our land of wonder

That's what I'd discover after poking through the rabbit hole

In this place I have your currency, you have my soul

So drink the drink and toke the toke

You're fuckin with Michael Butorovich, repping Newsmoke

Just a west coast bloke from San Pedro, C-A

Thanks for reading, I got poetry all day

Like a mental I sway in this room

Waiting for the thoughts to rise and words to bloom

With a molecule of hope to get outta here soon

It's been a hell of a year and we're only in June

While there's shit to get through I keep it in tune

Where every night I try to take down the moon

Doing what any other good writer would do

Living the work and keeping it true

slam poetry
Michael Butorovich
Michael Butorovich
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Michael Butorovich
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