Quote of the Day: Chicks and Ostriches

by Mimo le Singe about a year ago in social commentary

A freestyle poem about a nostalgic thought.

Quote of the Day: Chicks and Ostriches
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"If you're going to call me a chick,

Then I'm just going to call you an ostrich."

One day, as I was sorting through my boxes at home

Filled with old schoolwork, scrapbooks, greeting cards, and photographs,

I came across a yellow notebook with a red plaid pattern and grid paper

That I remember stealing from my cousin, who had kept it in a drawer in

Our late grandmother's house, during one of my visits to Montenegro

(Sorry, not sorry).

Once I started curiously flipping through it for the first time in what felt

Like ages, I discovered pages upon pages of trivial facts and favourites

Lists I'd scribble down whenever I was bored or wanted to maintain my

Near-perfect handwriting. I then flipped to a page with, of course, our

Lovely quote of the day in all its glory, permanently engraved in scratchy

Bubble letters - okay, maybe my handwriting wasn't always on point.

I recall coming up with this quote in Grade Eight

When I was trying to think of a witty response to people in general who

Call girls "chicks". I had never considered the term to be derogatory or

Anything, and I still don't; rather, I just wanted to boost my budding

Reputation as a complete smart-ass with at least one totally original one-

Liner under my belt. Granted, I never actually ended up using it...

At that time, I never really thought much of my gold star wordplay of the

Day, other than to use it as a joke towards the fact that girls are essentially

Being referred to as freshly hatched nest dwellers. Not to toot my own

Horn or anything, but in retrospect, I believe that my prized yet unused

Quotation is kind of ingenious in a way. From my perspective, it's a

Lighthearted expression meant to show people that there's nothing wrong

With being compared to animals.

They are phenomenal creatures that we all find eternally captivating.

I, for one, am honoured whenever someone associates me with any of

Them, whether it be a cockatiel or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Though we might not necessarily resemble them in the looks department,

They may share other comparable and considerably positive attributes

With us, such as those related to intelligence, strength, and emotion.

Given our (potential) historical and biological similarities,

I really don't see then how anyone can find them insulting.

The bottom line is that if someone is able to picture you as any type of

Animal, given that they're all fascinating in their own ways, then chances

Are you're awesome and unique. If anything, it's better to be referring to,

Discussing, and learning about animals than actual hurtful language.

Just something to think about.

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Mimo le Singe
Mimo le Singe
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