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by keanna smaha 9 months ago in inspirational
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I don’t speak Spanish (so none of this will be written in Spanish) but this poem is for the books and by being for the books I simply just mean that this would be a nice one to be useful for the understanding of setting forth positivity and more of it once we escape the fate of which is holding anybody down under in an uncomfortable chokehold of feeling unloved!

In your arms

Gripping you tightly

My head ever laying on your chest

My fingers running through your hair

Smiles escaping both of our stuck up faces

It’s like im in a paradise being loved by you

One where the vacation days last forever

And the guests hold their respect for us

Clearing the way from end till the next start

This heart may pound outside of my chest

Until then I’ll target my fantasy’s

And carry the weight of past promises

Being led on to perfectly function

Setting up lies to fall back and stand tall

In a world full of cotton candy lives

A sensational process of being a human

Where we may float on ice cream sundaes

And insist on being true to ourselves

Long ago my courtesy disappeared

With a spliff of an attack on my side note

Notes that will take and make themselves

Into something so powerful it rains tears

And from the sky we glance endearments

That suffocate our deceptions

For a lifetime of being just like that.


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keanna smaha

check out “saddened by love and hate” - @cure.world.depression.like.that on Facebook because you’re doing something right by viewing my articles here too :) ps: I just wanted world peace because my inner peace was not enough to get me by

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