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Puzzle Piece

By Business managementPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

A small and unassuming shape,

Fitting snugly in its place,

A piece of a larger whole,

Part of a greater goal.

Its edges smooth, its color bright,

It waits to join with its mates in sight,

Working together they form a view,

Of a picture that's bright and new.

Each piece unique, yet all the same,

Together they play an important game,

Building and shaping what's to be,

Creating a masterpiece for all to see.

So hold tight to your puzzle piece,

And don't let it go with ease,

For it holds a special key,

To complete the puzzle, you'll see.

Together we can build and grow,

Creating something beautiful and bold,

For each puzzle piece is a part of the whole,

And together, we can reach our goal.

love poems

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Business management

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