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Pushing Pause

by Matthew Batham 3 months ago in heartbreak

A poem by Matthew Batham

Pushing Pause
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Your soft profile blends with the pillow

I watch you sleep

You snore gently

Like static


I know this moment is fleeting

That we are too

The fragile tension

Will soon dismantle


Freeze this moment

The plane of light

Cast across the bed

The comforting pause of daybreak


Let this be us

Not the angry nights

And painful days

Just this morning cocoon


I lie still

Prolonging the scene

But inevitably

It will unravel


I remember it though

I’m replaying it now

A moment of peace

When it could have been good


I push back the covers

And watch it dissolve

Matthew Batham
Matthew Batham
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Matthew Batham

I love to write. I’ve written children’s novels, books for young adults, loads of horror and quirky stories which have found homes in magazines and on websites in the UK and in the States. Here a link to my latest fantasy novella.

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