Purple Leaves

by Uneven Mod 12 days ago in inspirational

Let it go

Purple Leaves

I remember a girl who used to take a jar of water with her to bed every night.

I remember she was the most inspiring creature ever to grace my path...

she loved to dance away her pain, rolling on the floor and escaping to magical places

The sun had trouble matching her shine

I gave her my heart to do with as she pleased, hoping she’d fill her life with love, and when I begged her to understand how damaged it was she called my bluff

and so I walk amidst the sound of crunching purple leaves hoping to find my way back home

Uneven Mod
Uneven Mod
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Uneven Mod

My ode to the part of my life I can now move on from. Regardless of what brought you here I hope you leave with something to help you on you path.

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