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PSA 005A: Awareness, Authenticity, Attunement

Just saying

By The Dani WriterPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Luis Arias on Unsplash

Babies are so cool.

If you’re a friendly face and you smile at them,

they can switch right on.

Reflected in their eyes you see no malice,

no pretense,

no ulterior motives,

or hidden agenda.

Even if you are a face they’ve never seen before,

they quickly assess you

and immediately you know where you stand.

They are open.


In this context growth and development is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Perhaps we should have all remained babies in essence

if not in form.

This world is full to the brim of con artists and scams

with few things that are straightforward

as a direct result of the so-called higher echelon of the evolutionary chain.

We are,


de-evolved when we struggle to say,

“I need you,”

“I really like you,”


“I love you.”

“I’m just scared and don’t know how to be right now.”

“I’m in a BIG BLUE FUNK! Please don’t take it personally.”

Open people

don’t wind up getting the shaft,

or their hearts trampled on,

or dead.

Unaware people get that.

The two do not necessarily go hand in hand.

I won’t be waving a banner saying,

“Have more babies”

anytime soon.

But I will be promoting


and the myriad of indescribable feelings that surface when being genuine.

The world needs more of that.

You know,

fewer jerks and assholes,

more love and light and stuff.

Be that, please.

Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash


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