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Sexual Goddess



Sexual Goddess

His Opinion is Bias

Describes Her Having Prowess

Skills are Countless

Stamina Worth Capturing on Camera

Video Clips Played in Slow Motion

He’s Swollen

A Screenplay of Devotion

Physical Chemistry in Motion

Attraction’s Surreal

Sexy as Sin

Comfortable in Her Skin

Confidence Wins

Devilish Grin

Blonde Hair Drapes Over Her Shoulders

Filthy Messages

Erotic Poems

Dirty Panties Sent to His Home

Animal Instincts Primitive

He Breathes Her Scent In

Love and Lust

Devilish-Angel He Trusts

Risqué She Plays

Limitless Images

Nudes Prelude

Puts Him in the Mood

Steamy Self Portraits Flood His Eyes

Her Body’s Art

Aware of His Love Languages

She Entices His Five Senses

Undressing Slow to Give Him a Show

Commanding His Full Attention

Delighted at the Sight of Her

He Sees True Beauty Within Her

Defined Lines of Her Body are Tight

Works Hard to Look Just Right

Her Dedication Inspires Him

Proud to Say She’s His

Endless Soft Curves

She’s Happy to Serve

Touching Her Surface

Foreplay with Purpose

A Savory Treat

Musically She’s Loud

Wet and Wound

Aroused by Her Sound

Unrestrained Passion

Soul Connection

Butterfly Wings Cause Elongation

Favorite Positions

High Notes She’s Hitting

Real Fantasy

Total Ecstasy

Pure Desire

Hearts on Fire

Hottest Lover

Addicted to His Heat

Such a Treat

She Meets His Needs

Love like Hers is Hard to Exceed

She’s His definition of Prowess

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Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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