Protection from Yourself

by Lady Bird 6 months ago in inspirational

Birds can see everything, they take heights beyond what are human feet can reach.

Protection from Yourself

Have faith

And find yourself again

You were never far

But always near

Your smile like a bird

Whose wings are made of gold

Glistening in the bright hot sun

Taking flights among the clouds

Soaring in and out

Winds carrying you through the night

Honey, you were always right

Your path your own

No wrong way to go

You are never alone

Do you feel what I say?

Do you know its always been this way?

Life is merely all that we create

Breathe it in

Breathe it in

It's just about to begin

The view from here

Is different from before

I'm the same

Yet better than before

My coat so shiny

My wings all glide-y

I'm so much more

Then before

But I'm still the same girl

I've always been happy

And a little bit nappy

But better than before

I am love

I am light

I am strong

I take flight

I am born

I will die

But not before I take these wings out for flight

I have many names

But nothing quite like this before

I look up at the leaves

I nestle my chest in my head

I see better than ever before

I am here till the end

Till my missions complete

A bird who flies high

So that others may see

They can fly to

You and I are the same

Same species with a different name

Magic lives inside you

As it does inside me

You don't have to be lost

Settle in my kettle

Or make a cauldron of your own

Cast beyond a shadow

A study amongst the trees

Deliver messages from beyond

Use your intuition

Just let it be

Believe in who you are

The birds never doubt they can fly

Fly straight

Straight into your heart

Pure green with delight

Take a deep breath

Dive into the sky

Reach higher realms

Make a deeper connection with yourself

And begin again

See clearly as I see you

Be like a bird

And Soar! Soar! Soar!

You, my love, are so much more!

Lady Bird
Lady Bird
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