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Prisms of light and color

by Novlet Allen 17 days ago in nature poetry
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Adding beauty to your day

Luke Paris - Unsplash

Refracted, reflected array of dispersed light

resulted spectrum of delicious flavors

scattered across the sky in prisms

Multicolored circular arcs of sunlit rays appear

in rainbowed splendor

Painting the world in colors of magnificence this day

Close your eyes and play the color of everything

Cueing the music to Yellow seen through the prism

One of the many

Lovely colors of our brilliantly lit life giving sun

Mellow and iridescent in moods of bliss

Caspar Rae - Unsplash

My aura embraces the mellow euphonious dulcet glow

Let your moods wax between the colors of Red, Pink and White

Honey offering flowering magnificent petals assailed by

flitting foraging bees suckling at it's fragrant welcoming breasts

British Library - Unsplash

Amassing nectar in continuance of the cycle of life's forever dance

How majestic is life when shaded in hues of garlands of Blues

Arching their tendrils, lovingly reaching higher and higher

for but a chance to touch the never ending sky's unfinished song

Birmingham Museum's Trust - Unsplash

Be not Green with envy for this color is a part of everything

The trees, grass, strength, jealousy, and the new shoots of new beginnings

Valeria Bold - Unsplash

Green is the energy of life for the purity of continuation to oneness

Royal and regal is the light that Purple brings

Holding all colors to a standard ever striving

Creating order, adding form to our otherwise chaotic existence

Mauve, Magenta, Violet, Indigo. Amber, Aqua, Beige, Cyan, Charcoal, Cherry blossom, Burgundy, Copper, Emerald green, Dandelion, Cream and Crimson. Gold, Salmon, Ruby, Pumpkin, fire, Hibiscus, lime and Olive.

Delightful names of wondrous colors which go on and on into

Beams of fractal lights kissed by moonbeams and night

Sprinkled across the universe with free and complete abandon

Milad Fakurian _ Unsplash

These glorious hues and shades of wonder bear a wont to be adored

Orange for quiet celebration of beauty and calm, yet beckons

Of hushed contemplation for life's sublime delights

Chris Niwore - Unsplash

Of lingering memories in wisps of veiled smiles

of joyous exhilaration and mirth

Curious is Black, which with White, though not colors

Are Neutrals which define our two dimensional existence

Yet to be outlined and incorporated into life as one in continuity

Ricardo Gomez-Angel - Unsplash

No longer with questions of one being greater than the other

Finally the silence of the Brown shaded myths that surround

and cloud our judgements of each passing day

Ever questioning why are we here and where are we going

Nick Fewings - Unsplash

Be then ever tranquil and hushed in your moments of uncertainty

All shall be revealed in the time ordained for truth and reckoning

When all colors become combined for one final showdown

Of creation's true meaning amidst the prisms of light and life

Ushering in new beginnings recreated from the Phoenix's ashes

Arising new and pure into a new rebirthed and replenished earth

Mathilda Khoo -Unsplash

With great new mysteries awaiting to be unfolded


nature poetry

About the author

Novlet Allen

I am an aspiring writer and poet. I find words delightful. Every poem, or story that I read or write, enriches me. 'Read a thousand books (or stories), travel a thousand miles'.

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