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Prince in disguise

Trial at the camp

By Elsa Michaela | @surfthoughtPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

‘Its alright, Its alright’

His promise whispered under cover of night

Where it tears you to pieces

Because words

Aren’t real

Real is inside, where its so clear that when you cry

Surrounded by thoughts

that are the crown and the lie

Nothing is on your side

A young Prince walks in disguise

The cloak pulled up high covers his eyes

He slips through the camp

To test and to trial

To steal into your mind

Take a moment of your life

For he’ll have a safe bed tonight

While you sit chilly, in the beauty,

The charged silence between battles

You signed up to fight

But when the night and horn are settled in and sworn

To protect you

You catch wind of your life

Hold yourself in sleeplessness and might

You’re one of those who can never be sure

What is sweetness or sorrow,

Fire or fuel.

love poems

About the Creator

Elsa Michaela | @surfthought

When you hear a song

One that stops you in your tracks

That seems spoken from your own mind

Do you listen and listen again?

Follow its streams until a tide,

Inside you

Rushes to fill in the small hollow parts

…Yeah, me too

INSTA - @surfthought

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