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Is Your Answer

By Misha KellyPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

The only moment that ever exists

Right now is all we have

Yet why do we live somewhere else

When all we really need is here

Our mind likes to travel back and forward

Seeking ways to solve what ails us

Never understanding where we are looking

Is not the place where it will be found

When what we seek lives in the presence

Of the space where we exist intrinsically

Our true nature will be revealed

Only here will it be clear

When we resist, fight, and over analyze

False events appear real

Fear takes over

Swallows us whole

We got lost for minutes, days, decades, or a lifetime

Our only hope is that divine grace remembrance

This moment right now is all there is

All there ever was and will be

Cherish it now

For the next moment will be here

Before you realize

The last one already passed

For when you start to question

And your worries and doubts seem to have no limits

While you wander around

Trying to figure everything out

I’ll give you a tip

To help you out

Presence is your answer

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About the Creator

Misha Kelly

Writer, adventurer, nature lover, student of life

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