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Preparing for Hibernation

Eat the Seeds, Peanuts, and Insects

By Andrea LawrencePublished about a year ago 1 min read
Wild turkeys | iStock

Peanuts scattered on the ground. The trees

have no leaves. Moss grows on the logs.


A field covered in brown leaves.

A turkey stands up tall. Its wings

in varied colors: red, black, and white.

The turkey finds a friend, and they peck

at the ground for seeds and insects.


The squirrels and birds chirp loudly.

There are a handful of green plants

growing in the distance, but most everything

is brown, faded, and old.


A black squirrel finds peanuts

and holds them in his hands. The whiskers

twitching as he opens the peanuts

and eats them whole. He swallows

them quickly as if in a competition.

The turkeys also eat fast,

bobbing their heads back and forth

as they search through crunchy leaves.

The wind picks up and the leaves toss

around the field. The trees are skinny,

like arms coming up out of the ground.


A wolf howls but the squirrels don't hesitate;

they continue to eat their feast.

You can hear a creek nearby. The water

gently knocking against the flora and rocks.


The animals keep gathering for the seeds

and peanuts. They're not scared off by

the rattle of a snake, nor the chilling wind

that foretells of winter's bane.

They're all trying to fatten up.

They need to get big and as quick

as possible.

They're preparing to hibernate.


The wolf howls again,

telling them to hurry.

The squirrels, puffy and plump,

hide in holes. The turkeys

flapping their wings.

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About the Creator

Andrea Lawrence

Freelance writer. Undergrad in Digital Film and Mass Media. Master's in English Creative Writing. Spent six years working as a journalist. Owns one dog and two cats.

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