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Predator of the Night

Horror Poem

By AjaxPublished 11 months ago 1 min read

In shadows deep where moonlight fades,

A tale unfolds of dark charades.

A killer roams, his heart is cold,

In search of prey, his story told.

Through silent streets, he weaves his way,

His steps unseen, no light of day.

His eyes ablaze with wicked fire,

A predator, fueled by desire.

Each victim chosen with utmost care,

Their fate sealed in this deadly lair.

He stalks the night, his presence unknown,

As fear and dread in hearts are sown.

Whispers murmur in hushed despair,

Of vanished souls and unanswered prayers.

The city trembles, the night devours,

The scent of death, the killer's powers.

He strikes with stealth, swift as a gust,

His knife so sharp, a blade of trust.

He preys upon the innocent souls,

A macabre dance as his story unfolds.

In moonlit alleys, the echoes scream,

A tragic fate, a haunting dream.

No mercy shown, no tears to shed,

As lifeblood spills, the city's dread.

The streets, once vibrant, now stained with fear,

The presence near, a phantom sneer.

His footsteps echo, as time stands still,

A dance with death, an eerie thrill.

But justice waits, a hunter unseen,

To end this terror, a nightmare obscene.

The killer's reign, it soon shall cease,

For evil's grasp cannot find release.

A twist of fate, a final stroke,

The hunter's aim, a lethal poke.

The killer falls, his reign undone,

The nightmare ends, a new dawn begun.

Yet shadows linger, a haunting stain,

A legacy of sorrow, lingering pain.

In memories lost, the city will weep,

For victims lost, forever to keep.

And so the tale, of a killer's plight,

Is etched in darkness, in the realm of night.

A cautionary song, a mournful cry,

A narrative of fear that will never die.


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Canada/United States


Horror Stories/Poems


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Love the outdoors and nature

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