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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Oh Allah, the Almighty, we beseech You,

Hear our heartfelt prayers, we implore You.

In Your boundless mercy, we put our trust,

For it is Your grace that we truly must.

With utmost hope and great anticipation,

We raise our hands in humble supplication.

Grant us ease and comfort, every single day,

Until our last breath, along life's winding way.

Shield us, O Lord, from diseases that harm,

Keep us safe and healthy, within Your loving arm.

Protect us from the calamities that may befall,

Preserve us from the trials of the grave's call.

Envelop us, O Allah, in Your divine affection,

Make us prisoners of love, devoid of rejection.

You are the Lord of this vast universe,

To You, we turn, seeking solace and nurse.

In Your infinite wisdom, fulfill our plea,

Extend this prayer, that it may never cease to be.

Bless us abundantly, in ways we can't conceive,

Guide us towards righteousness, help us believe.

Oh Allah, our Lord, we place our trust in You,

In this prayer, we find solace and renewal.

May it resonate with the depths of our soul,

As we submit to Your will, and become whole.

Grant us the strength to persevere,

In the face of trials, to hold our fear.

In this prayer, we find solace and peace,

May it never end, and its blessings never cease.

Oh Allah, accept our prayer, long and sincere,

As we seek Your blessings, in every coming year.

For You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing,

And to Your will, we submit, ever-growing.


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