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Poster Child for Doom and Gloom

by Mia Lynn 2 months ago in heartbreak

A beautiful mind... A troubled soul... A loneliness can be so cruel... When self-induced, by the foolish fool.

Poster Child for Doom and Gloom

You are a spineless,


piece of shit

Who every day,

just will not quit



and tearing me down

Giving me exponential reasons

to frown

And all my knowledge

is of no use

Against all your misdirected


The life you’ve led

up to this point

Sliding in and out

of the joint

Is the life

you’re still living

The life of your choice

"I was brought up... this way!"

"...But it was your choice to continue that way"

"I have to stick with what I know best!"

"That choice is now putting our relationship thru an awful test."

"You are so depressing!"

"You're so annoying."

"So mean, spiteful, and hurtful."

"So narcissistic, needy, and delusional."

So... we listen to the closing door

The emerging score

Erupting so thoughtlessly

for mere self-gratification.

Where is the communication?

Lost in translation

in decimals registering higher and higher!

Im-pressed, thought not...

De-pressed, continuously so...

Com-pressed, like wet snow

Just-pressed, steaming hot and all

This I know

Standing bound and determined

To knock us

and me down

Knock yourself out!

"Knock, knock, knock"

"No one's here!"

Never a winner,

In all the bloodshed

Only fires that eternally burn,

From words used in scorn

Meant to hurt so deep

Causing the sleepless sleep

The sleepless sleep of the

Poster Child of Doom and Gloom

Mia Lynn
Mia Lynn
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Mia Lynn

I'm a mother, wife, daughter, writer, artist, photographer, masters degree graduate, deep thinker, reader, and a depressed anxious sarcastic cynical bitch. I mean what more could you ask for, right? (All Words & Designs Original! #picsart)

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