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Poor Old Chameleon

by Ropafadzo Thokozani Zinyuke 2 months ago in inspirational
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Poor Old Chameleon

Poor old Chameleon

Neither poor nor old

Are you not tired of changing your colours wherever you go

look at you turning yellow among the sunflowers,

you dont even like yellow but you still change

do you even know your natural color anymore

or are you just a meaningless rainbow in the midst of a storm

You think blending in will protect you from predators

and youre right

blending in will protect you from predators coming as lessons or oppotunities or even death

but would you rather live the rest wondering what could have been

Or would you rather have a sweet sip of adventure and certainty

you think blending in will keep you out of the spotlight

and youre right

blending in will keep you in the dark

you’ll be invisible, overlooked and underappreciated

and for what?

to fit in places you still feel unsafe in

You deserve to be the colours that make you feel beautiful

Even if its everyone's least favourite colour

You deserve to change your colours as you please

Not as they please

They dont matter

Beautiful Chameleon

rich in colours never seen before

Free yourself

Show them that side of you

They are afraid of and hope you never show


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Ropafadzo Thokozani Zinyuke

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