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poisonous soul

by Shamss2001 2 years ago in sad poetry

we are but foolish beings.

poisonous soul
Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

It’s trying its best to survive

It controls you within

It makes you delusional

It breaks you to pieces

It makes you think it’s just your fate

It strips you out of your dignity

Until you are an empty shell

You fight and fight

But it’s always there hunting you

You search inside for a spark that might nourish you

But you just see a flawed fool standing before you

It tears you apart how disturbed everything is

I fall on my knees holding my shattered heart

Praying and begging for the pain to cease

They call you existence; I call you a poisonous soul

A fool soul that doesn’t trust its owner

It waver you from your beliefs

It keeps you paralyzed until you listen to her lies

A poisonous soul that eats its owner

Looking up at the sky with my bloody tears

Fighting to be freed from its disastrous words

It’s eating me apart every single minute

Maybe it’s just a wishful dream

For The agony to leave

And the truth is that it never ceases to exist

Until you cease from existence

But what’s new

Deep down we always know how everything work

And it reminds me of how foolish we are and always will be

But I keep asking myself why not trust me

Why is it so hard on us humans to trust?

Is it that hard to trust our existence?

Abandon our expectation and turn around how things preserved

The vulnerable warmth in our gut will guide us

Why not leave it to it

To trust yourself

Believe in yourself

It’s always been the answer

But we are foolish; we search for what could be seen

, What seem as a dream

We run away from real

That’s why I call us fools

We always fall for the poison even from ancient years

But remember we are not in a fairy tale

Where we wake up with a kiss from prince charming

Because where we live prince charming is the real poison; not the poisoned apple

sad poetry


I like to share my ideas and journeys, in search of mental clarity and consistency in life✨

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