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Poisonous Seed


By Ashish Kumar MauryaPublished 11 days ago 1 min read
Poisonous Seed
Photo by Mattia Ascenzo on Unsplash

Hate, a poisonous seed that grows,

A force that no one truly knows,

A power that tears us apart,

A poison that infects the heart.

Born from anger, fear, and pain,

A force that causes endless disdain,

A force that spreads like wildfire,

A poison that we must all aspire to expire.

A disease that infects the mind,

A force that leaves love far behind,

A power that drives us to destroy,

A poison that we must all avoid.

But in the midst of all this strife,

A ray of hope that can give life,

A force of love that we can wield,

A cure for the poisonous seed.

Love, the force that can overcome,

A power that cannot be undone,

A force that can heal and renew,

A cure for the poisonous seed, so true.

So let us choose the path of love,

And break the chains that bind us from above,

And let the light of love shine bright,

And banish hate from our sight.

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