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Poison Tree

by Muhammad iqbal 5 months ago in love poems


Poison Tree
Photo by Bogdan Locovei on Unsplash

I was furious with my companion;

I told my fury, my anger finished.

I was irate with my enemy:

I disclosed to it's anything but, my fierceness developed.

Also, I waterd it in feelings of trepidation,

Night and morning with my tears:

What's more, I sunned it with grins,

What's more, with delicate beguiling wiles.

Furthermore, it became both day and night,

Till it's anything but an apple splendid.

Furthermore, my enemy viewed it sparkle,

Furthermore, he realized that it was mine.

What's more, into my nursery took.

At the point when the night had hidden the shaft;

In the first part of the day happy I see,

My adversary outstretchd underneath the tree.

love poems

Muhammad iqbal

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Muhammad iqbal
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