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Poetry Collection: Think Outside The Box

on growing, on communicating, on being stuck

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 3 years ago 1 min read
Poetry Collection: Think Outside The Box
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Actively Growing

To be surrounded by

Light and Love


To surround yourself with

Light and Love

To embrace the latter

to be an active agent

of your own growth

your own healing

your own adventures.


What Are You Saying?

By Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Some words are empty

some silences full.

Some actions frivolous;

yet inaction’s harm.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Gareth Hubbard on Unsplash

I am an egg sandwich;

Smashed egg smushed between

a rock and a hard place.

The rock —

familial tradition, filial piety.

The expectation to sacrifice

my own needs and prioritize my parents’,

Mulan style.

The hard place —

the unhappiness, stagnancy and dissociation

that comes with two decades of

ignoring your own voice.

It’d be mighty weird

to eat your egg sandwich

layer by layer,

so why am I constantly asked

to silence one voice to fit the other?

Don’t play with your food Johnny,

take a cross-sectional bite,

a rock, egg, hard place chomp.


This collection was first published separately here, here and here.


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    Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Written by Lucy Dan (she/her/她)

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