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Be confident


We are all made differently, we all have different ideas, talents, and goals. We are physically built differently, we are different in a way we look, walk, and talk

We consider ourselves insecure sometimes, we feel that something is wrong, is that right? Yes?

How can we fix this in a world where you can't see yourself secure or confident

We spend most of our time seeing ourselves as not "in shape" or"not fit" why do we think that way?

Society has instilled a lot of pressure and hate including social media

We all want to see ourselves as models or people who are skiny in general

We all have that pressure to be someone else, our looks a big thing in this world

I myself is sometimes insecure, but that does not mean i'm going to spend my time working out just to look like someone else or be someone else

I know who I am, I love the way I look, and I'm not afraid to be me

You can look like yourself and be as incredible as the people on social media, you just need to be confidant and just go out there like you are the one bright star in the sky shining above all the other bad, dull looking stars

The pressure of society, dont let it overtake you

Don't allow society to set a standard for you, be the person that you want to see exist in this world

Rose Pepin
Rose Pepin
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