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poetic wonder of the world

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By Lilian KinuthiaPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
poetic wonder of the world
Photo by caitlin louise on Unsplash

In a realm where beauty knows no bounds,

Where wonders await in global surrounds,

Let me guide you through a poetic flight,

To the ten best sites, bathed in sheer light.

Majestic pyramids of Giza, Egypt's pride,

Monuments of antiquity that time can't hide,

Whispers of pharaohs and secrets untold,

Mysteries etched in sands of old.

Serengeti's endless plains, nature's grandeur,

Roaming beasts and wildebeest's fervor,

Safari dreams come to life with each stride,

A symphony of wildlife, side by side.

Amidst fairytale landscapes, Santorini gleams,

Azure domes and cliffs that ignite dreams,

Whitewashed wonders framed by the sea,

A haven of tranquility, a soul set free.

Behold the grandeur of Yosemite's embrace,

Nature's masterpiece, a sacred space,

Waterfalls cascade, ancient giants rise,

Whispers of time beneath cerulean skies.

Venice, the city of floating dreams,

Canals weaving through timeless seams,

Gondolas serenading hearts at night,

A dance with romance, pure delight.

Kyoto's cherry blossoms, a delicate grace,

Painting the air with petals, a serene embrace,

Temples and gardens, Zen's sacred art,

Harmony whispered, healing every heart.

Great Barrier Reef, nature's vibrant tapestry,

An underwater realm, alive and free,

Coral gardens bloom beneath turquoise tide,

A kaleidoscope of life, a wondrous ride.

Taj Mahal, an ode to eternal love,

Marble monument gleaming above,

Whispers of Shah Jahan's devotion untold,

A symphony of passion, a tale unfold.

The Great Wall, a marvel of ancient might,

Stretching forth, a dragon's flight,

Standing proud through time's embrace,

History's sentinels, guarding with grace.

New York, the city that never sleeps,

A vibrant rhythm, the heartbeat it keeps,

Skyscrapers reaching for the heavens above,

A melting pot of dreams, endless love.

From Egypt's pyramids, ancient and wise,

To New York's skyline, that mesmerizes,

Each destination holds a story to tell,

A mosaic of wonders, where magic dwells.

Nigeria falls, a breathtaking wonder,

A natural force to behold and ponder,

A glorious sight of water and mist,

A nature's masterpiece you cant resist.

The stature of Liberty, standing proud and tall,

A symbol of freedom and hope for all,

From the New York skyline she beckons to thee,

Welcoming you to the land of the free.

Yellowstone National Park, a natural treasure,

Home to geysers, hot springs, and wildlife pleasure,

An oasis of nature's beauty and power,

A place where memories and adventure flower.

So pack your bags and set forth on a quest,

Immerse in beauty, feel the world's zest,

For these ten sites, treasures unexplored,

Are waiting for you, forever adored.

inspirationalnature poetryinspirationalnature poetry

About the Creator

Lilian Kinuthia

Thank you for stopping by. Your presence here gives me great joy to learn that someone is reading about me and is interested in my writing. thank you very much .To me writing is therapeutic let us read together and appreciate writing..

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