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Poetic Symphony.

The poetic Symphony.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Poetic Symphony.
Photo by Mrika Selimi on Unsplash

In a world where dreams take flight,

Where words dance in the gentle night,

Let me paint a poem with colors bright,

To touch your heart with pure delight.

Where sunbeams weave through golden rays,

And moonlit whispers guide our ways,

A tapestry of emotions I shall raise,

With words that sing and words that praise.

In nature's embrace, let us find solace,

Where rivers flow with tranquil grace,

Each blade of grass, a gentle face,

Whispering secrets of time and space.

Oh, how the stars twinkle above,

A celestial dance of eternal love,

Their shimmering light, a gift from above,

Ignites the depths of our souls thereof.

Let me weave verses like a silken thread,

Through the tapestry of life we tread,

Expressing joys and sorrows unsaid,

In this vast universe, with words widespread.

For words possess a magical might,

To heal wounds and set hearts alight,

They forge connections, day and night,

A symphony of thoughts, harmonious and bright.

So let this poem be a heartfelt song,

To serenade your spirit and carry you along,

Through life's ebbs and flows, when things go wrong,

May it fill your heart with love so strong.

For in these lines, I give to you,

A piece of my soul, tried and true,

May it resonate and guide you through,

This beautiful journey we share anew.


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Mehidi Hasan

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