Poem to my son

My Sonshine

Poem to my son

Quick Night Poem:

The moments I cherish the most are the moments I share with you

Clocking out of work after a long night

Exhale the stress once I inhale your peace

Once I'm able to lay next to you

The tension tends to cease

Sweet dreams my little prince as I plant a gentle kiss

I love you so much it's hard to resist

To admit that I may have given you the air to breathe

But I wouldn't be who I am without needing your life to influence my every step....don't you see

Your the cement that holds me together when the tribulations in life make me want to quit

The "sonshine" in the rain to help me see through it

You are a creation of me but the best lesson I've given myself

Cause you have taught me to love who I am

I couldn't love you if I had forgotten my wealth

So I thank you

For coming into this world and being nothing but a blessing

For feeling my life with joy and peace

With laughter, and amazement every time you speak

Sweet dreams my little prince

As I'm lulled by your innocence

Holding you close to my heart and warmed by your soul

I can finally close my eyes and be at peace with my love once more

A paradise with you in this cruel world

Love you Bubba 😘

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A Rose Fleming
A Rose Fleming
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A Rose Fleming

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