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Poem- The Sad Reality

by Test 10 months ago in surreal poetry
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Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell

Poem- The Sad Reality
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Standing in my balcony drinking a cup of tea,

The pollution with summer air is overwhelming.

I see a blurry vision of the famous metropolis,

Evening grey sky, a mist of misery, lots of loud music.

Above lie the spoiled brats bragging about money,

and below lie the poor kids, rotting and hungry,

In the middle lies me, seeing all the sufferings.

It’s such an unhappy time, so much agony,

I wish I can make this place a little bit happy.

The dazzling urban lights make the night darker,

I wanna leave this place; I wanna go to my fairyland.

I close my eyes, it smells like the countryside,

The happy melodies of a rustic violin start playing.

The sky is pink; I hear the little ones merrily sing,

Their eyes shine so brightly like there are stars on land.

It’s a place with vibrant colors and flowers all around,

I can see is a festive and lovely crowd,

and I hear some cheerful musical sounds.

I never wanna leave this place;

The night is forever, The people are kind,

and it’s a pleasant weather.

I can stay here all night and day,

The vibrant colors are slowly fading,

All I now see are shades of gray.

The festive and happy melodies stop,

the sound is replaced by loud music.

The sad reality comes pouring in,

It’s the night view of our famous metropolis.

Above lie, the spoiled brats dancing to the music,

and below lies poor kids begging for some money,

In the middle lies me, seeing the sad reality.


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