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Poem On The Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger who is dreaded animal

By Kunal RavatPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Poem On The Bengal Tiger
Photo by Blake Meyer on Unsplash

Nature cries out, with every tree lost

Its beauty fading, at any cost

But there's still hope, for us to save

The earth we live on, with each small step we take

Start by reducing, what we waste

Reuse and recycle, don't be hasty to replace

Plant more trees, and watch them grow

Bringing back the beauty, that we used to know

Support conservation, and reduce our carbon footprint

Take public transport, or carpool to joint

Use renewable energy, that's clean and bright

For a future, where nature is always in sight

Together we can, make a change

For nature's sake, let us rearrange

Our habits and actions, for the better

For a greener future, that will last forever.

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About the Creator

Kunal Ravat

Hey I am your friend and I will bring a very interesting story and poems for you guys, and also about fantasy things that you have never heard before.

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