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Allotted plot

Downward where headed as we're beheaded. Slowing up I cannot for I have a plot and it's in a specific spot so I'll scoop until I rot unless I reach the dot. The sun speaking again but I'm deep in the trench where there’s no air vents can I truly pretend. I'm parched and there staring from the porch but I must push forward. Still its sweltering and this area so vast boy could I go for a very cold glass. Here you are boy! No sir I'll pass for I'm headed steadfast to finish my task. Wondering deeply now why I didn’t except. Well quiet is kept you never let them see you sweat so inward I step. Should have better prepared for a challenge so vast but who am I to turn down this great task. For nothing is what I ask I'm moving through my path without being detached. Losing my pace when the ending of the day is on its way? Not a chance in America should I breathe a breath of I'm a quitter. It's the sweetest taste of things so bitter I'll aim to push for what's much bigger. Oh I see now you think because in still digging down that I'm not hither. Since you can’t see well follow me as we go deep. Down comes the sun and I'm nowhere near done but I’m leading a big one and I can’t leave till it's done. Up and over left and right shoulder lower and lower I feel as if I’m getting closer. To what I bet you wonder well to what's down under, but don’t get winded so much more to keep digging. Picture hot winds whistling and rattle snakes hissing but I have no fear I'm not quitting. I got a goal I'm going to reach and there’s no weather or bruiser stopping me. Oxen and bull you’d think my head was made of because low and behold there goes a buzz must be my blood. The bees or passing through but can’t get there antennas off me truth. I even been eating veggies I've been drinking fruit only way I'll be able to find myself ever getting through. Marching out of a jaded shroud my thoughts begin to scream. The fatigue of lifting and tossing is given my body a fire. Something in my soul won’t allow me to aim to retire so I conspire to push onward. Muscles beginning to frown but how could I put this shovel down it’ll be the equivalent to letting my family down. After all I'm not mellow or brown the darkness my skin has found. So I push to uplift a curse but it won’t be with the use of any verse. I must put in this most valuable work after all if not me who would they call first. Out my chest my heart burst you’d suspect I've been over worked. Not in the slightest my anxiety is on a riot and I'm hyped to a max my body's on fire. I kick it up a notch cranking out my best. I don’t think endurance was ready to be put to the test yet today it's our protective vest. Share no pain give no agony for I have to end this without so lost in additive. Must be a shame to observe so much power wanting it to push the electricity through the wire. Let my words inspire bring reprieve because low and behold I'm now chest deep. The moons hanging around now many are those the most beautiful stars. Once in a while I look up just to see the shift change or who's now in charge. No one come out to bother me I'm steadily rocking with no way to come close to stopping. Guess they’re starting to wonder what's he really plotting? Polishing more the game got to be shined up nice so when I'm done hear I have No problem picking up my wife and my kids if they like. One arm to arms a hear in hand the heart in me is in high demand. See my trials and hear me scram little is invested in one that doesn’t plan. Oddly embodied the spirit in will set my arms on fire and flames to my heels.

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Alajhaun Desormes Miller
Alajhaun Desormes Miller
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Alajhaun Desormes Miller

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