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Pleasure in the Pain

An erotic poem of feeling. Content & language warning.

By MJ LaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Pleasure in the Pain
Photo by Maria Vlasova on Unsplash

He strums the whip along my ass,

Tracing sweat against the red.

I moan his name, this man of mine,

My tears streak down his bed.

He flicks it fast against my clit,

Thrashing good against my flesh.

I lick my lips, I bite my tongue,

My juices slick and fresh.

He pinches at my nipples,

Fingers laced with spit and cum.

I let him tweak, the warmth delicious,

I struggle not to come.

He fingers me and bites me deep,

Sucking slowly at my honey.

I scratch his back, I pull his hair,

That’s it, baby, where’s the money?

Right then my body pulses,

He drags me down for one long kiss.

I gasp and grind, he whips me soft

And yes, this is my bliss!

He smoothes his hand along my flank

And pets me, I’m his treasure.

The wax, the gag, the skintight suit?

Well, that’s tomorrow’s pleasure.

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