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Piano and score

by Abel Johnson Thundil about a year ago in love poems
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Love poem

Piano and score
Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti on Unsplash

You're a score sheet

And I'm a piano.

I kept you on a stand and tried my best.

I am a new student,

And you’re a piece written by the devil himself.

I am a new student,

Yet I try desperately to study you.

Please don’t fly off the stand.

Give me time,

Give me time.

And I shall by-heart you.

Then I shall forget you,

And play you the way I want.

Then I shall forget you and change you,

Like any good musician would;

And you'll not know a thing.

I won't tell you.

But if you come to know what I've done to you,

You'll love me.

I’ll throw you out;

The score sheet.

But you're safe in all my veins,

In all the muscles in my fingers.

And I shall remember you forever

Without remembering you anymore.

And we'll one;

One forever.

love poems

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Abel Johnson Thundil

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