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PHNXRTRN.. Road Lungs

by Michael Butorovich about a month ago in slam poetry

Two Poems


I need to make it back

To Phoenix whether or

Not the word finances

The ticket.

I believe love is there

And she's waiting.

I know new life

Is, that's certain.

I need to make it back

To Phoenix where I've

Found land that is sacred.

I've walked this place

And I must re-reach it.

My heart say's that's

Where home is.

I need to make it back

To Phoenix.



There's a homie in Wisconsin,

There's a homie in New Brunswick,

There's Sylvia and Anne

From Boston.

Plenty of people and

Places need to be

Seen before the end

Of the journey.

I'd rather spend my

Life on the road

Writing poetry,

Linking with the homies and

Letting the adventure breathe.

slam poetry
Michael Butorovich
Michael Butorovich
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Michael Butorovich
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