Personification of Death

By Harley-Ann Rasmussen

Personification of Death

The Personification Of Death

life and death


to light and dark

life is light

because we love it

we love it

because we understand it

but there is a certain respect to pay to


and dark

for always being the obstacle

the thing to avoid

the painful truth

in direct contrast to light

we avoid it

we fear it

like a totalitarian dictator

not afraid to use violence

to force people to see it

to listen to it

to hear its pleas

to hear its cries

of loneliness

its late night sobs

of intentionally planted inferiority

a desperate

and pitiful

low last ditch attempt

to make death fear us

to blind it to our weaknesses

so it sees only our invincibility

because death is dark

and we are scared of the dark

but what

if death is


sad poetry
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