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Persian Perception

by Tommy Boy 11 months ago in nature poetry


The light winding down,

my frame still radiating the passion of the day's earlier bask,

I arrive to my legs, after a push to lengthen them,




I've become a participant of nightfall.

My eyes are the last of the vibrant cosmos they see,

when there are no lights in the sky.

A devilsh gait,

I pause for the smallest of sonorous,

While drenched in blackness,

the sight of Horus guides me through my domain.

I am compelled to follow the stir of plume,

an alluring beacon of life,

a gift to me.

Fulfilling your demise becomes everything I am,

I remain focused on malevolence.

Faster the adversary,

I am death,

You are my vestige.

nature poetry

Tommy Boy

I took my first english class this past summer and found that I enjoy writing.

Give me something to write about and I can make it interesting/fun.

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