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by Jojo about a year ago in social commentary
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Covid sucks.

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

I stand in front of the fogged mirror

After all where else am I going to see myself?

No pond or lake to go to

Nothing outside

And definitely not at a different house.

t’s been a year though

It’s not like no one knows

We’re all stuck at our homes

At least the ones that don’t want to kill

People say it’s prob fake

I think they’re just being selfish

But as this go on longer

People are losing patience

Please persevere

The numbers are increasing

People think they can’t breathe

But people are dying

Please persevere

I’m tired too I get it

It’s hard and a lot harder for some

But please persevere

For crying out loud

Stop blaming someone else

Some nation or politician

Who cares?

Why does it have to be political

Prob because they use it as an excuse

To justify their horrid acts

To belittle those that are different

Or kill for the sake of fun

Are you a decent human being?

Or just that inconsiderate?

Please persevere

Some may get mad

They may say I suck

I tell them prove me wrong

Prove to me you have a heart

social commentary

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I often find myself at peace when I'm around areas with lots of people like cute streets with coffee shops. I love the thought that everyone is simply living their lives as best as they can.

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