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By Laura MerchantPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Walden Pond (on my bucket list!)

If beauty is skin deep,

What do mirrors display?

If talk is truly cheap,

Why do so many pay

Such great attention to what others say?

Why do we insist on sieving

If life is what you make it?

How can you call it living

When you act like you might break it?

Is it any wonder why most fake it?

I long for a perpendicular


Simplicity of calm

To brush off the gratuitous

And call it a fortuitous

Soul-searching-soothing balm.

I wish to stop the world

To ease my weary mind

And be no longer blind by what I see.

Someday I’ll find…

Someday I’ll be

A different kind of free.

How can anyone have healing

If they can’t afford prescriptions?

How can we catch a feeling

If we’re programmed with depictions

Of tailor-made portrayals and convictions?

One more lamb to the slaughter…

You can say that I’m neurotic,

But this fish is drowning in the water

Because it’s all just too chaotic.

Do I ride the wave or go against the flow?

Can I be that brave?

Only one way to know…

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Laura Merchant

Writer. Teacher. Performer. INFJ. Disney enthusiast. Texan.

Instagram & Twitter: @LMerchant84

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  • Pablo Caicedo2 months ago

    That was fantastic. Well done Laura! Cuts deep

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