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by Mahnoor 3 months ago in performance poetry
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While the only permanent in this world is change, admit it or not,

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

While the only permanent in this world is change, admit it or not, most of us still want to have someone who will give us an unwavering type of love—a never-changing, and an understanding kind that will always remind us that s/he will choose to stay despite all the despites.

And as you wait for it to come your way, may you also learn how to give it to the right one for you—while you wait for true love to finally show up, build it deep within you, too.

But let me tell you that true love also gets tired, and it will also have this slightest thinking of leaving you, but will not resort to doing it.

It will rest, not to leave you hanging, but to also weather the storm they are carrying for it not to clash on yours.

It cries, and feels pain, yet it won't abandon you under the strongest rain. Rather, it will bring you an umbrella, or even dance with you underneath the downpour. All in all, it's always prepared to face the chaos you have in you.

True love isn't perfect; but it will be constant and more than enough to make you happy and contented in this uncertain life.

performance poetry

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