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People at the Gate.. It's Easier in the Game

by Michael Butorovich about a month ago in slam poetry

Two Poems


If they come with torches

Toward my paper mansion

I'll pour myself a good

Drink and wait to burn

With my creations.

Should thieves wish to

Breach these doors they'll

Find them unlatched

For whoever to take what

They can and sell for cheap.

On the day/night where some

Lonesome traveler comes

For shelter they may stay for

Any length of time.

This place you've come to

May be real and full of life

But the host and home he claims

Is still a shape that only

Exists in your mind.



I'm lookin for the

Fairy fountain

To replenish my

Hearts and magic.

I walk through

Fire wearing

Special fabrics

But the monsters

In this land are

Still attacking.

The goddess is

Who I'm seeking

Though a fairy in the

Bushes works the same.

slam poetry
Michael Butorovich
Michael Butorovich
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Michael Butorovich
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