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Peonies, My Dear

by Aubrie Belle 4 months ago in sad poetry · updated 2 months ago
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In memory of Kelly Kaye Bonnette

Peonies, My Dear
Photo by Leslie Cross on Unsplash


While Driving in the car

Actively thinking about crashing

I drive up a hill


Variety of bumblebee

Whizzing in the air

Tumultuous, my mind is

But, cover it in dozens of peonies

My, mind, will be good, as new

But, when they disappear

My world rumbles with these

Unwanted fears

So, cover me in a dozen peonies

My dear…

sad poetry

About the author

Aubrie Belle

Despite the fact that I am 19 I believe that I am a fairly good writer – a writer who excels in the overwhelming. My overwhelming is, LIFE. Poetry is an attribute to my life, so have it take affect in yours too.

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  • Zari's Diary4 months ago


  • Zari's Diary4 months ago

    I love your poem it's beautiful! The imagery and symbolism in your poem is excellent! I liked and subscribed. Let's be friends.

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