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Paw Prints

by Matthew Donnellon 12 months ago in nature poetry

Life with dogs

Paw Prints
Photo by 2 Bro’s Media on Unsplash

Owning a dog,

is a series,

of little joys.

From watching her,

make paw prints,

in the sand,

to letting the water,

wash them away.

From watching her twitching,

in her sleep,

dreaming about who knows what,

To her gentle panting as she pads alongside,

during our daily walks.

To watching her sneak up on birds she’s,

never going to catch.

Covering her with her favorite blanket,

while the gentle beast quietly sleeps,

curled in her bed.

Often she basks in the suns rays,

monitoring her little kingdom of grass,

like a lion at the zoo,

Yes life is a group of little joys,

with her being the biggest one.

nature poetry
Matthew Donnellon
Matthew Donnellon
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