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Pattern Recognition

Thinking About Thinking

By David PearsonPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Pattern Recognition
Photo by Juan Rojas on Unsplash

Analysis complete

Symptoms in check

Terminology, Labeling, Defining

Is this Me? Do I have this? Am I this?

Am I my own diagnosis?

Pattern Recognition

The Need for Intervention

A Desire for Rehabilitation

At Worse, Institutionalization

And please don't forget

Take your Medication

Pattern Recognition

Chaos unchecked

Serenity in reverse

Reality is just a word

Identify your own mental defects

Pattern Recognition

Catastrophe maximized

Trivial thoughts overwhelming

Magnified: my shortcomings

Perception: blown out of proportion

Identifying: Pattern Recognition

All words come at a loss

Images blending into one

Voices they are rambling

All into one

Emotions run rampant

All into one

Pattern Recognition


Thinking about thinking

Seeing what I'm seeing

All thoughts

Spiraling into none

My anxiety

Will never be gone

Pattern Recognition

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