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Patriotic pride

Our Identity

By Ann Silvers Published 2 months ago 2 min read
Patriotic pride
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

With reverence and awe, I gaze upon this land,

A patchwork quilt of wondrous, diverse strands.

From sea to shining sea, her beauty unfolds -

Amber waves of grain, granite mountains bold.

This is America, a beacon of light,

A testament to freedom, a bulwark of right.

Through triumph and trial, she's stood strong and true,

Her patriots ever-ready, their loyalty shining through.

I feel it welling up, this patriotic pride,

As I survey the grandeur spread out far and wide.

This is the country that my ancestors chose,

Where they could live free, free from oppression's woes.

They came from afar, with hope in their hearts,

To forge a new life, to play their parts.

Whether hailing from Europe, Asia, or Africa's shore,

All were welcomed here, their diversity a treasure to adore.

In times of great strife, when darkness threatened to reign,

Her children rose up, their courage never in vain.

From Lexington's green to Normandy's hallowed ground,

American valor and sacrifice have ever been found.

She's weathered the storms, emerged battle-scarred but unbowed,

Her spirit unbroken, her ideals still proudly avowed.

Through trial by fire, she's proven her mettle true -

This land of the free, this red, white, and blue.

Yes, patriotic pride swells within my breast,

For in this great nation, I am truly blessed.

Her promise of opportunity, her refuge for the oppressed,

Have drawn the world's huddled masses, all seeking to be their best.

In her cities of gleaming steel and glass,

Innovators and dreamers ceaselessly amass,

Transforming the future with their boundless ingenuity,

Forging ahead with steadfast determination and loyalty.

And across her spacious skies, her fruited plains,

Her people labor with callused hands, reaping nature's gains.

Ranchers and farmers, miners and loggers too,

All contributing their part, America's strength ever renewing.

This land that I love, this land of my birth,

Holds a special place, unmatched on this earth.

She is not perfect, her flaws plain to see,

But her ideals of justice and equality forever call to me.

So I pledge my devotion, my heart, and my hand,

To defend her freedom, this glorious land.

For in her I find my greatest source of pride -

America the Beautiful, America the Brave - my patriotic guide.


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