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A Soldier's Lullaby

By Victoria MewanuPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

On glowing soil,

We toiled, we fought, we cultivated

Courage beyond human genius

We crossed the radar, we kissed the sun

And in our song, glorious rays reign!

In charcoal fumes, courage glows

In His Glory, our Nation's tallest!

See the armory fashioned from steely clay.

A maiden’s passion, urging in his loins

Surrendering to victory in God's eyes

Oh glowing soil,

Toiling, fighting, cultivating,

In courage, adversity dies tonight,

Our rendition thrives, one nation, one character, one soul

Oh glowing soul,

Witness a new baptism,

Through tears thick and torn

We won God's graceful claps

Our Nation once a babble baby

Suckled Mama Amazon's breast

Born on Friday, We whipped grown-ups

And in siren slurs, we patriots patrol

Royal, Riveting Rivers chanting

To lightning bolts of unwavering courage!


About the Creator

Victoria Mewanu

I am a poet and Lawyer. My hobbies are cooking, debates (philosophy, rhetoric, economics and politics). I enjoy nature as it is. I am Christian and meaning is important to me. A toast of banter please! I enjoy sparring and clever banter.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Love the poem!

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