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Passion Glue

by Melissa Ingoldsby 2 months ago in love poems
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A accompaniment poem to My Lavender Mess; Professor Venomous’ perspective

Professor Venomous and Boxman (not my art!!)

Oh before you,

I was oh so terribly lost.

I was never going anywhere but down,

Down, down(like a shadowy blip in space, hiding in the deepest recesses of society like a coward)

Into a stifling, unbearable realm

Of mediocrity

Of a quiet prestige, of my villainy being predictable, boring

Uninspired without genuine purpose.

Just fear and wealth pervading my heart like a bloody cover, hardening my still organs like a vice grip (until you set me free…)

Nothing but fake, gilded glory to showcase my once wild dreams of infinite power (being a hero or villain? I can’t say that I’ve ever truly felt fulfilled until


Except now it was hiding in glass tubes, meetings, plastic,

A safe mechanical format. A me covered up in lab coats and science.

But you!

Bounced off a crazy circuit (!!!!!)

And created that passion glue that stuck to my lips and made me open my dead eyes like an Egyptian Moon God that

Finally saw the brightness and power of the stars

Of one big beautiful thing, a too bright green blue creation that destroys as much as it creates.

my own deep power within turning on with the widening of your large, unabashed grin, I lock into your dreamy dewy gaze, forever unafraid.

You, oh teal haired villain that twists my very well ordered manner, how can you be so soft and round, it makes me wanna squish you,

You wild card, you dancing fool—-

With your raging voice that can go from silly to funny to commanding so quickly—- the way your mind scrambles to create faster than your hands can move

Like an uneven drum, your quirky, strange, funny beat hits my ears like candy

Like melted heaven

Like passion glue

We stick together with intense drippings,

A molten, melty, scary (happy!)mess.

Oh you, give me that glue, lemme replicate it in my lab

So I may no longer suffer this pain

Of how much

I can’t stop

Loving you.


Author note: Imma big fan of Ok-Ko! Let’s Be Heroes! Professor Venomous and Boxman are my favorite characters ever, here’s my second homage to their silly and evil antics.

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Melissa Ingoldsby

I write short stories and poetry. I hope you find yourself in between the spaces of my words.

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  • Joe Patterson2 months ago

    Comically beautiful.

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